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Failure Island

An award-winning creative agency and full-scale production company hidden away in Industry City, Brooklyn.

Narrative • Commercial • Industrial • Mind Control

We believe failure
is an option.

We're not afraid to fail—everybody does, and it's the only way to get better. It's in our name and it’s part of who we are. Nothing brings us more joy than energizing brands to take that extra step, venture further outside the box, make bold choices that stand out from the competition, or INFORMATION REDACTED. We've weathered storms and discovered uncharted branding territory, and we're here to guide you.


Set fire to the flight plan. We’re going to INFORMATION REDACTED FOR YOUR SAFTEY. Like any quest worth taking, there will be tests and trials—but the results will be more divine than you dreamed. If it feels a little risky, you’re doing it right. 

What are they up to?

We specialize in narrative, commercial, industrial and mind control. Our information redacted please ignore process helps our clients see themselves the way we do: vibrant, dynamic and fearless. 

Inventions from the island.

In other words, our recent work.

Inventions from the island.
F/I REEL 2022
Breakfast at the Bodega

Breakfast at the Bodega

A talented young Brooklynite/Palestinian-American attempts to live out his dreams of becoming a French pastry chef despite his first-generation father's wishes. Struggling to fill his first big order for a gig, tensions arise when the father forbids him from using their family bodega to cook. Director: Marina Elise Barham Writers: Cameron Strittmatter & Marina Barham Producer: Cameron Strittmatter Unit. Prod Manager: Katie Powers Line Producer: Lauren Roerich Executive Producers: Rick Admani & Alex Bolling Basil: Troy Tripicchio Morad: Steven Alonte Rose: Yasmine Al-Bustami Amira: Mika Wurf Business Woman: Katherine Leidlein Ramzi: Kareem Rahma Basil’s Mother: Hannah Jane McMurray Brooklyn Girl: Kendahl Landreth Bike Courier: Justin Estrada Construction workers: Steve Atti & Cameron Strittmatter Cigarette Man: Karma Dandhur Catering Staff: Nadine Hart & Amr Kotb & Chris Myers First Asst. Director: Olivia Bolling Second Asst. Director: J.P. Pressley Director of Photography: Jacob Wilson First Asst. Camera: Justin Donaldson Second Asst. Camera: Valeria Martinez Gaffer: Rahul Sharma Grip: JC Calubayan Sound Mixer: Sean Brooker Production Designer: Meg Venkatesh Propmaker: Olivia Ronald Set Decorators: Blake Brown & Natalie Lay & Eowyn Innes Set Builders: Justin Estrada & Daniel Powers Costume Designer: Nicole Wilson Editor: Kevin Tadge Assist. Editors: Laura Lamp & Eowyn Innes VFX: Jesse Threatt Composer: Bradley Thomas Turner Production Asst. Kevin Skvorecz & Mercedes Ronnander Photographers: Sung Jun Kim & Eowyn Innes Catering: Natalie Hustek

Don’t worry—you aren’t stranded.

We’re a crew of misfits, mad scientists and wannabe robots—an entire network of unconventional thinkers. We think you’ll like working with us.

Visit scenic Failure Island.

Get in touch for brand solutions, big ideas, top-secret meetings or island coordinates.

Our coordinates are [redacted]. See you soon!

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